AI Playground

A place to tinker with AI

Image from Figma plugin “Craf-AI Art Generator” using prompt “robot playing in a futuristic playground with laptop”

Why AI Playground?

“Immersion is the key to developing mastery in any field.”

- Robert Greene

And thus, we immerse in AI.

Incubyte is gearing up to accelerate our client-product journey powered by AI (batteries included)!
We help clients integrate AI into their products, and proactively use AI tools to augment our abilities as Software Craftspeople.
As AI evolves, so do we. And so, we're constantly playing with it.
We wanted to share our learnings and interesting outcomes with everyone. As a result of our playing around, we came up with AI Playground (clever wordplay, eh!).
AI playground is a no-limits experimental zone for humans at Incubyte to explore the boundless possibilities of AI.


We use our continuously growing AI capabilities for our clients, with their
permission of course.

A fun Tool - Code Critique

We built Code Critique front-end using ChatGPT. Isn't that awesome!!

Backed by OpenAI APIs, Code Critique is a simple tool that can help you find bugs, understand, or improve your code.

 P.S. Don't judge us on the UI. It's ChatGPT and not us. (Thank lord we don't have to blame other humans anymore)

Use Code Critique to get explanations for a piece of code, find bugs and let it improve the code for you.

By clicking on this button, you are consenting to send data to OpenAI

Our Learnings

from our usage of:

and more..

Go fast, Co-pilot helps you go faster by simply removing a lot of typing. Just imagine you could type 2-3 times faster. The long test names, or common methods, are automatically suggested so you can get a lot done faster.

Saves time from browsing/searching. For instance, imagine writing a variable called ssnRegex and co-pilot suggesting a right regular expression

Save time by eliminating trivial but typing-heavy activities with ChatGPT. For example, you can create a prompt like "Create a POJO to encapsulate OpenAI v1/completion endpoints response in Java, use Jackson."

Leads to clean code, in order to to get suitable suggestions, we need to name things clearly, though this may mean our naming may lean towards implementation and not domain

A comment can generate a SQL query! Isn't that awesome?

Measure twice and cut once. The code must be double-checked before accepting as a solution. AI is known to hallucinate

Legal implications, generated code is coming from someone's server. It may be a copy of existing, copyrighted code! Also, we don't know yet, how much of our code is being sent to OpenAi

Hard to do TDD. When practicing TDD, Copilot may generate way more production code than you need. Keeping the scope of suggestions limited to the test in question is hard.

Incorrect code generation, the suggested code may not be the best possible solution.

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