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As an engineering manager have you ever wondered where the productivity leaks are in your organization? Or if the bustling activity of developers truly equates to productivity?

Based on our own research across 10 teams at different organizations, this whitepaper reveals the surprising truth: development and QA are not the biggest bottlenecks in your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
Discover the Path to Peak Performance
Harness the Power of Lean: Explore how lean principles can streamline your workflow and dramatically improve team efficiency.
Beyond Individual Productivity: Uncover the different levels of productivity, from individual developers to the entire organization.
The Handoff Trap: Learn the surprising costs of handoffs in the SDLC and discover strategies to minimize them.
Actionable Insights: Leverage real-world case studies to implement practical tactics that maximize efficiency throughout the development lifecycle.
This whitepaper equips you to
Identify hidden productivity leaks within your development process. 
Leverage lean principles to optimize team output.
Debunk myths surrounding developer efficiency.
Understand the true cost of handoffs in the SDLC. 
Implement actionable strategies to maximize development efficiency.