enhance & modernize

Reduce technical debt and modernize existing products

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Release early, release fast, release frequently

Modernize and automate your release process so that you spend more time doing what you love, delivering new value to your clients, and getting faster feedback.

Test frequently test automatically

We start testing even before we develop, yes, for real! Where and when to test? Leave it on us, we take quality quite seriously.

Modernize architecture

Create isolated modules with least dependencies on each other, empowering you to release modules separately without impacting other parts of your system and making the system more stable as a whole.

New technology

No one size fits all when it comes to technology choices. We match your requirements with the latest technologies, and make sure to introduce a new tech stack only where and when needed.

Better practices make better software

No software can be modernized without modernizing the team’s behavior. We invest time in introducing practices which lead to maintainable, scalable and testable software.

Add a human factor to software development

Investing in the right tools and practices increases the team's job satisfaction along with achieving organizational goals.

Continuous improvement

There’s no Big Bang approach to rewriting a product. As we add features, we make it better. The activity of modernizing your backbone does not have to be at odds with releasing new features.