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Build products that are reliable, scalable and secure

We help build products from ground up, or enhance the feature set of existing products. We strive to deliver value frequently, enable fast feedback, and ensure that your product evolves rapidly, using software development best practices.

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Why Incubyte?

Our expertise lies in creating pragmatic solutions with highest quality. With us, your product will be equally beautiful under the hood. Read more here!

Keeping the end user at the heart of the design process, we work in close collaboration with you to build rapid prototypes, get quick feedback, iterate and continuously improve the user experience.

Automation everywhere

With practices such as Test Driven Development (TDD), shifting left on testing and security, Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), and end-to-end automation; our process tests, scans and releases your software to build a stable and secure product. All this while enabling a sustainable a work-life for our team.

Continuous Evolution

We deliver the product in small increments. Starting first with an MVP that users can start using to create value, save time and automate manual processes. Followed by more features, additions and improvements based on the users experiences and feedback. Every iteration is an opportunity for us to deliver value, get feedback and fine tune, making sure the product evolves continuously based on customer feedback.

The right team

Our teams are designed to be self-contained units, eliminating silos effectively and allowing the project to run independently. Our goal is not to simply add headcount, but rather add the RIGHT talent only when and where it is absolutely needed.

Fast Feedback & quality gates

We plan your release workflow right from the start, so that continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) becomes the norm and there are no surprises at release time. From working in close collaboration with peers and clients, to building quality gates that immediately reject sub par code, feedback is tightly integrated in our entire software development life cycle.

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