The Problem
79% teams fail at app modernization.
Don't be one of them.
Majority of the modernization projects fail due to time consuming manual processes when they're led only by developers.*
*According to the Wakefield Report 2022
The Solution
CodeAid, powered by AI, gives you the advantage of:
Better outcomes,
Faster turn-around times,
Cheaper implementation costs.
Accelerating Modernization
for Legacy Tech Products & Enterprise Applications
Tech Stack Modernization
Simplifies transition from legacy tech stacks to the latest versions, allowing you to focus on high-impact areas with minimal effort.
Security Fixes
Whether it's SQL injection or Cross-site scripting (XSS), CodeAid identifies and fixes security vulnerabilities to build cyber resilience.
Test Generation
Automatically generates missing test cases ensuring reliability and long-term code quality.
Automatic Documentation
Generates detailed documentation of the codebase for the team to understand the programming logic​.
What We Offer
We're on a mission to empower enterprises modernize their apps successfully. ​
By offering an innovatively intelligent solution and services, ​we're reinventing the way applications are modernized.​
Product: CodeAid
Our proprietary product that modernizes legacy applications at lightning speed, powered by AI. Available to software development teams for purchase and use.​
Service: CodeAid-Led Modernization
We fuse the power of CodeAid with our 100+ years of combined software craftsmanship experience to modernize your legacy applications for you. ​
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using our product, CodeAid.