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A11Y & I18N

Building a More Inclusive Digital World

At Incubyte, our 'Craft for Inclusivity' service is designed to ensure your software meets global standards of accessibility (a11y) and internationalization (i18n). We focus on creating solutions that are not only compliant with the latest guidelines but are also user-friendly across diverse cultures and abilities.

Streamlined &Effortless i18n

Our streamlined process ensures fast, accurate localization for rapid global market entry.​

Inclusive User Experience for All Users

We prioritize inclusivity, enhancing the user experience for all users, regardless of their abilities.

Comprehensive User Testing

Our diverse user testing methodology identifies and addresses accessibility barriers, creating an inclusive user experience.​

Expert Team & Cost-Effective Approach

Our accessibility specialists integrate accessibility seamlessly, minimizing development time and costs. You benefit from a future-proof, inclusive product without breaking the bank.

What Clients Say

Read testimonials from our satisfied clients

My experience overall with Incubyte has been exceptional. I have worked with quite a few offshore teams and this has been totally different in a positive way.

Maxwell Miller
Associate Director in Engineering at a Healthcare Company, US

We went from an initial call with Incubyte to starting work in under 15 days and from an idea to a working MVP in just three months. We learned a lot from Incubyte.

Ravish Patel
Co-Founder, Monnai

Incubyte showed an immediate understanding of our pains, and offered a systematic and pragmatic approach to a sustainable solution. Their technical leadership impressed us.

Chet Thaker
CEO, TeleBright

Incubyte helped us adopt clean coding practices, bring in a focus on automation with CI/CD and automated testing, and create an modernization roadmap for our tech. We strongly recommend consulting with Incubyte if you're looking to scale your technology and bring in best practices.

Kuntal Shah
Co-founder, Leading Growth and Tech at CricHeroes

Incubyte exceeded our expectations on every turn, developing software that is now being used by tenfold more users than originally planned for. They bring great thought leadership, implementation expertise and best software development practices, and its been a pleasure working with them.

Consumer Finance Lender

Making Mental Healthcare More Accessible

We helped a growing digital healthcare provider transform their platform to prioritize accessibility. Our team addressed over 1,000 issues impacting those with visual, hearing, and physical disabilities. This commitment to inclusion resulted in expanded market reach, reduced legal risk, and fueled their business growth.


Accessibility issues fixed


WCAG 2.1 Standard achieved


Find answers to frequently asked questions about accessibility (a11y) and internationalization (i18n) in software development.

What is 'Craft for Inclusivity'?

It's our specialized service focusing on making software applications accessible  (a11y) and international (i18n), ensuring they are user-friendly and  compliant with global standards.

How does Incubyte ensure accessibility (a11y) compliance throughout the development process?

Our team integrates accessibility checks at each stage of development, from design  through coding and testing, utilizing automated tools and manual audits to  ensure full compliance.

Can Incubyte retrofit existing applications for accessibility (a11y) compliance?

Yes, we specialize in enhancing existing applications with accessibility features,  conducting thorough audits to identify areas for improvement and implementing  necessary updates.

How does Incubyte handle right-to-left (RTL) languages or complex scripts in i18n projects?

Our development approach includes specific UI/UX adjustments for RTL languages  and utilizes libraries that support complex scripts to ensure seamless user  experiences across all languages.

How does Incubyte test software for both a11y and i18n to ensure quality?

We conduct comprehensive testing using a combination of automated tools and  manual testing by specialized QA teams to cover a wide range of accessibility  and internationalization scenarios.


Make Your Software Accessible Globally

Unlock the potential of your software with our comprehensive inclusivity craft services.


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