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Software Craftsmanship - India community

This community is technology agnostic and is created with an aim to increase awareness and deepen skills around best practices in software development. Events include talks, discussions, workshops, trainings and round-tables that may be of interest to developers, managers, analysts, quality testers and others in the software development profession.

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Thursday, February 16th, 2023
Launch your product faster! The right way!

Working at a startup means adding value fast! This attitude, rather than enriching the developer's experience, degrades it. Fast starts translating to - a lot of patchwork, no planning, Stop gap manual measures, Lack of proper automation, and no feedback on different levels of PDLC.

Wednesday, OCtober 05th, 2022
User Experience Research and Design: Crucial to Software Development

Engineers already know how to build great things and build them right. Research and design with the end user in mind helps engineers understand how to build the right thing. Amber believes that we should not be blinded by what we can see, and should always seek the perspective of our users before making decisions that impact them.

Wednesday, OCtober 05th, 2022
Demystifying Stakeholders - How to get buy-in for critical UX projects

Leading tech companies have adopted a design-centric ethos, but cynicism around UX has not diminished. Team dissent and dissatisfaction and lack of stakeholder buy-in pushes product teams into a corner. Bansi addresses the challenges of team conflicts, stakeholder misalignment and talks about ways of overcoming organizational issues that stand in the way of a truly delightful and intuitive user experience.

Wednesday, september 14th, 2022
Demystifying React with Vanilla JS

React, Vue.js and all those frameworks that call themselves “reactive”, work around the concept of one-way data binding. In other words, they give developers the ability to bind their models to the representation. And on top of that, they let you modify the view automatically when you modify the data, hence the name of "one-way data binding". In this talk, Fernando shows us how to reproduce that magic with plain old Vanilla JS.

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022
A - Accessibility, B - Best Practices, C - Common Sense

Accessibility enables a diverse group of people to understand, interact, and contribute to the web. Design universality into products that bring meaning and germane experience to all users. Learn how development and design together create access for myriad user groups.

tuesday, January 11, 2022
Refactoring from Imperative Style to Functional Style

Learning syntax is part of our lives and it comes from practice. The challenge with programming in the functional style is to be able to think in a paradigm different from the one we are used to. In this live coding presentation, we look at how to promote such thinking by taking some imperative style code and refactoring to functional style.

Wednesday, december 22, 2021
Demystifying Software Development

The world of software development is currently filled with anti-patterns and misconceptions.

There exists a handful of "97 things a programmer should know" guides, but people rarely talk about what not to do. That's precisely what we will discuss at this event.

Wednesday, NOVEmber 24, 2021
The Elegant Code

Have you ever looked at some piece of code and had an "aha" moment? Have you ever seen a program and felt that it is very elegant?

Join us as we explore the joy of programming with a couple of beautiful ideas from the world of functional programming.

friday, september 17, 2021
Introduction to Micronaut

Iván from Object Computing, Inc walks us through the basics of Micronaut in a live session. Topics include:
- Things you can do with Micronaut
- Creating an application from scratch
- Dependency injection
- Interacting with the HTTP client
- Writing tests
- Services discovery
- Integration with GraalVM native images
...and other cool modules!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021
IntelliJ Productivity Tips

In this session, Victor reveals some of the tricks used by the fastest Java developers on the planet, that will skyrocket your day-to-day coding speed after just several days of practice! Writing, editing, navigating and refactoring code faster will let you focus on your goals and enable you to experiment with various design ideas without wasting precious time.

Monday, July 28, 2021
Flow in Person and Process

Flow is an integral part of Lean and a path to happiness in psychology. It allows us to achieve value and happiness through our work both at the team and personal level. Let us explore how principles of flow can guide us to design better software, processes, and development environments.

Monday, July 5 2021
Test Driven Development, the essential skill for a Software Craftsperson

Software craftsperson is first defined by their attitude and then by their skills. Any craftsperson must have a "Growth Mindset" to learn new things and adapt to changing demands of software delivery.
Furthermore, one of the most important technical skills required for a software craftsperson is Test Driven Development (TDD)

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Measure, visualize and prioritize technical debt with behavioral code analysis

Adam Tornhill, founder of CodeScene and author of Software Design X-Rays, Your Code as a Crime Scene, Lisp for the Web and Patterns in C gives us an introduction to behavioral code analysis which builds on version-control data to uncover the behavior of the development organization and helps prioritize parts of your system that benefit most from improvements, so you can balance short- and long-term goals guided by data.

Saturday, May 15, 2021
An insight into Elastic search, Kibana, Plug-ins & OSS Contributions

Hardik Prajapati gives a quick introduction to Kibana and Elasticsearch. He does a brief walk-through of Kibana's codebase, its plugin-based architecture, and his & his colleagues' efforts to develop a plugin and make it available as open-source software.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Software Craft: The spirit, responsibilities and rewards

This was the first event of our community, our official launch! Sandro Mancuso, founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community, author of 'The Software Craftsman: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride' and co-founder of Codurance, talks to us about what Software Craftsmanship means for individuals, teams and organizations!