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Why Incubyte?

Published on
May 23, 2024
Rushali Parikh
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Quality is usually an implicit requirement when it comes to developing software. Users ask for a beautiful UI, outstanding performance, and the functionality they need, but quality is never on the list - it is just expected! And because it is so, it is often overlooked. Users end up getting only what was explicitly stated.

Incubyte’s goal is to focus equally on the implicit aspects of software development, that include better scalability, maintainability, testability and security.

For companies that have been writing code for years, we help break the status quo, modernize their technology, upgrade their practices and upskill their teams. With newer products, we help from inception to delivery, intensely collaborating with clients to design user centric solutions, get fast feedback, start delivering value as soon as possible and make continuous improvements.

Pragmatic teams believe in continually developing and delivering value in small slices. These teams are constantly refining outcomes, iteration by iteration, moving towards perfection, but incrementally. This perfection itself becomes a moving target, as the team delivers small improvements, finds the next starting point and starts improving again from there.

Businesses benefit the most when their engineers also acknowledge the economic impact of the work they do. With this principle in mind, teams continuously deliver value, serve user needs and meet business goals. These teams understand that a dollar earned today is better than one earned tomorrow and employ practices like incremental design, test driven development and automated builds and deployments, to get their work in the hands of their end users faster.

Most developers end up developing software for machines. When they start developing for humans, they are always looking for opportunities to better their users’ experience and make an impact.

None of the quality we talk about is possible without continuous learning and upskilling. People that acknowledge this, make a conscious effort to grow the depth and breadth of their skillset. This not only reflects in the work done, but also in more effective pairing sessions, educative lightning talks and stimulating conversations.

These are the teams and the people at Incubyte and they help create quality products, happy users and satisfied clients.