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Centralized Automated System for a Consumer Lending Bank

Learn how Incubyte made loan processing efficient by transforming manual processes into a centralized system for a leading consumer lending bank
Consumer Lending Bank
Project Type
Recraft Legacy Software
Incubyte aimed to transform the operational efficiency of a leading U.S. customer credit provider by transitioning a manual department process to a digitized, automated system. Through extensive research, we identified significant automation potential across multiple workflows. This centralized system streamlined access to over 3.6 million loan contracts. With an agile approach and frequent deployments, the system not only optimized current processes but also set the stage for future productization, dramatically improving client satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Decrease in turnaround time per contract
Manual hours for 800 users saved daily
Daily active users across 5+ departments

The Opportunity

Our client is a leading customer credit provider in the United States, committed to assisting customers in achieving their objectives through excellent customer service and flexible lending alternatives.

For over 70 years, our client has been providing exceptional service to its customers. As a high-performing company with a large credit clientele, they want to optimize their processes further.

What We Did

Incubyte's strategic approach to revolutionizing a department encompassed several key initiatives:

Problem Discovery and Initial Assessment:

The client managed over 3.6 million unique loan contracts across various departments, creating significant bottlenecks due to manual handling. Additionally, the client relied on a legacy CRM hosted on on-premises servers, leading to high maintenance costs and reliance on a separate IT department. Crucial contract information was stored as plain text memos, increasing the risk of manual errors by agents.

Centralized Access System Implementation:

Since agents faced the issue of multiple logins to access different branch systems, Incubyte’s solution was the development of the Customer Account Technology System (CATS), a centralized platform allowing agents to access all contracts with a single login.

Addressing Security and Privacy Concerns:

Given the client’s role as a leading banking institution handling sensitive PII (Personal Identification Information) data, there were valid concerns about cloud security. Our strategy involved designing a cloud-based system that avoided storing any PII data. Sensitive information remained on the existing on-premises servers, ensuring compliance with security protocols while leveraging cloud benefits.

Automation of Repeated Checks:

We implemented full-scale automation for static, repeated checks, allowing the system to automatically evaluate the state of each contract, significantly reducing manual efforts by the agents.

Intuitive User Interface Development:

Building an intuitive UI was crucial to minimize disruption within the client organization. Considering that 100% of users operated on Windows, we adopted familiar design patterns and trends popularized by Microsoft, reducing the cognitive load and learning curve, and allowing for a seamless transition to the new system.

Lightweight and Agile System Design:

Understanding the client’s need for a flexible and responsive system, we designed a lightweight application with an agile development process. New features and updates were deployed frequently, averaging a release every two weeks. This agility ensured that the system remained responsive to evolving requirements and user feedback.

The Outcome

Incubyte's holistic approach not only optimized operational efficiency for our client but also cultivated an environment conducive to continuous innovation and growth, solidifying our partnership as drivers of positive change and progress.

Our key achievements:

  • Streamlining manual processes, resulting in significant time savings of up to 4000 hours for 800 users.
  • Consistently deploying updates, averaging a release frequency of every two weeks over the past two years.
  • Catalyzing transformation across multiple departments, building upon the success of initial departmental changes.
  • Enhancing operational efficiency across the entire banking process, leading to heightened client satisfaction.

*All the metrics in this case study are accurate as of the time of publishing.

We've engaged Incubyte for two internal initiatives - one, to build applications to support & optimize our internal processes and two, to help with an org level digital transformation initiative. They've exceeded our expectations on every turn, from understanding requirements to developing software that is now being used by a tenfold more users than originally planned for. Incubyte has also helped us shorten our release cycles, and deliver value faster, much to our end users delight. They bring great thought leadership, implementation expertise and best software development practices, and its been a pleasure working with them.
SVP at a Consumer Finance Lender, TX

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