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Revolutionizing Telecom Tech

Incubyte modernized a telecom leader's systems, streamlining expense management and boosting operational efficiency.
Centralized Expense Management Solution Provider
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Recraft Legacy Software
Partnering with Incubyte, our client embarked on a transformative journey to streamline processes, enhance scalability, and improve overall system reliability of their expense management solution. Through strategic interventions to modernize build and deployment pipelines, our client achieved significant improvements in efficiency, stability, and customer satisfaction.

The Opportunity

Decades-old systems often stand the test of time, but evolve to accrue a lot of technical debt. Our client is an industry leader in providing centralized expense management whose solution was riddled with tech debt. The SaaS product was built over 20 years and faced several unexpected issues that caused downtimes and customer frustration. This led to a decision to dedicate time and money to the critical modernization process!

What We Did

Incubyte's approach included the following:

Creating a Strategy for Transformation: Addressing structural deficiencies in the codebase and development processes, we streamlined source code organization, resulting in faster environment setup, reduced onboarding overhead, and accelerated feature delivery.

Setting up a Build Management System: Leveraging Gradle as a standard build and dependency management system, we automated build processes, ensuring consistency and reproducibility while minimizing manual errors across deployment environments.

Introducing Quality Gates via CI/CD and Sonar: Implementing CI/CD pipelines facilitated frequent and predictable deployments, with automated building, testing, scanning, and deployment processes. By enforcing code review processes and utilizing Sonar for code scanning, we ensured that only high-quality, error-free code was merged into production, enhancing overall application stability.

Bringing in Testing Frameworks and Tools: Overcoming the challenges of manual testing, we introduced automation testing frameworks such as JUnit and Mockito, enabling test-driven development practices and reducing feedback cycles for faster feature releases.

Automating Database Upgrades: Recognizing the importance of database consistency and reliability, we automated database upgrades using Liquibase, ensuring uniformity across database environments and mitigating risks associated with manual upgrades.

The Outcome

Our client's partnership with us catalyzed significant advancements that transformed their operational efficiency:

Comprehensive Modernization: Our approach of conducting a thorough dot-voting exercise with stakeholders helped us identify major pain points and modernize their build and deployment pipelines, ensuring streamlined processes and reduced downtime.

Automation and Efficiency: By introducing automated testing and controlling technical debt, we significantly improved system reliability and efficiency, enabling faster feature delivery and enhanced product quality.

Sustainable Innovation: Our focus on best practices and continuous improvement not only resolved existing issues but also fostered a culture of innovation and high team morale, positioning our client for ongoing growth and success.

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