Client Success

Our impact, in numbers

Streamlining expense tracking process by modernizing an expense management solution for a US-based client


months to go from zero to a
fully usable product

Launching a product to reinvent global consumer insights for fintech


manual hours saved daily

Transforming manual processes into a centralized automated system


languages supported in 52+

Making mental healthcare accessible by taking a solution global


increase in contracts
handled daily

helping build a centralized system for a leading consumer
lending bank


increase in contracts
handled daily

helping build a centralized system for a leading consumer
lending bank

What stood out to me the most while working with Incubyte was the overall quality. Generally speaking the biggest gap in working with an offshore vendor is always communication. With Incubyte, the pairing model and the interaction between developers ensure that the quality and the main code paths will be understandable. Pair programming is generally enough to raise the bar in programming, but knowing and trying in every case to practice TDD in another bar raiser. The code we get back usually has a ton of extra effort in mocking and the front-loaded chore of planning testing before execution. 
In terms of working style, I have been shocked. Our US team generally gives requirements for a few items of work, then the next day they show up and see PRs done and any notes outlined about the reasoning, all tested and ready to deploy. The communication style is 95% async, but it has yielded great results. My experience overall has been exceptional. I have worked with quite a few offshore teams and this has been totally different in a positive way.

Maxwell Miller, Associate Director in Engineering at a Healthcare Company, US

We had been feeling the pain of an aging codebase. Incubyte showed an immediate understanding of our pains, and offered a systematic and pragmatic approach to a sustainable solution. We have been working with Incubyte for over a year now and have made great progress on modernizing our product and development processes. I am impressed with their technical leadership and their cautious discipline in execution of a mutually agreed upon strategy. We are well on our way towards our goals and delighted to have Incubyte on our team. I am happy to recommend Incubyte as your technology partner.

Chet Thaker, CEO of TeleBright, Rockville, MD

In our consulting engagement, the Incubyte team helped us adopt clean coding practices, bring in a focus on automation with CI/CD and automated testing, and create an modernization roadmap for our tech. As a result, we're seeing better team collaboration, faster feedback, and an excitement in the team about craftsmanship. They were able to work across the chain from our developers to me, and give us direction from a micro level, such as naming of single variables to a broad technical strategy level. With their direction, we anticipate a good long term impact on our technology, directly translating to both client and developer happiness. We strongly recommend consulting with Incubyte if you're looking to scale your technology and bring in best practices.

Kuntal Shah, Co-founder, Leading Growth and Tech at CricHeroes

We went from an initial call with Incubyte to starting work in under 15 days and from an idea to a working MVP in just three months. They started from scratch, setup our cloud infrastructure around high availability, performance and security, and helped us implement the right stack with the right setup. Their focus on best practices ensured that our product continued to evolve rapidly while we build our internal team in parallel. The well written code also made onboarding internal engineers smooth. Overall, they got us started on the right foot. They stood out as an agency that focused heavily on quality in addition to just getting things done. We learnt a lot from Incubyte and would recommend them as engineering partners for any start-up launching new products.

Ravish Patel, Co-founder at Monnai

We've engaged Incubyte for two internal initiatives - one, to build applications to support & optimize our internal processes and two, to help with an org level digital transformation initiative. They've exceeded our expectations on every turn, from understanding requirements to developing software that is now being used by a tenfold more users than originally planned for. Incubyte has also helped us shorten our release cycles, and deliver value faster, much to our end users delight. They bring great thought leadership, implementation expertise and best software development practices, and its been a pleasure working with them.

SVP at a Consumer Finance Lender, TX

Other Notable Achievements

modernize build & deployment of a legacy system
introduce automated testing to decades-old system
introduce quality gates to enhance long-term
code health
pair best technology with best practices to help clients


global users added by making mental healthcare accessible


days & minimal development effort
to add a new language
in global solution


release every two weeks for incremental product release


decrease in turnaround time per contract for loan processing system


automatically tested


months to make a product
globalization ready

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